High maintenance good or bad?

For those who want to jump feet in first and totally change their hair could be costly and time consuming, but is it always bad? I say no! I love change! It's fun & keeps things interesting and it's under your control! If you are ready to commit I am ready for you.

Which brings me to talk about full head color. What color do you want? Nothing is impossible. Blonde, brunette, red-head or fashion color? Oh, and lets not forget those with natural salt-and-pepper hilites who absolutely do not want those pesky things around! (cough, me) Add in a trendy or short haircut and you will be visiting me once per month. I love seeing clients who are high maintenance! You are fun inside and out and I can most definitely take on your challenge! Most importantly you understand the complexity of your wish, and don't expect miracles in one visit.

Once you get your new look, you can decide by your next visit if we will maintain the new you, or if we will move on to newer things. Obviously maintaining is much easier than your first time changing your locks and will keep your costs down. Still, you need to keep your monthly hair appointments! I have regulars who book appointments every month for 6 or more appointments in advance. There's no question to, well, I don't know what will I be doing in 1,2,or 3 months from now? Hmmmm..You will be going to your hair appointment thats what!

I have always admired those who always looked put together. Everything just so. Hair, makeup, clothes. I'm not talking about the overly done women with the acrylic nails (please remove asap!) or the severely addicted to plastic surgery person (a little nip and tuck is ok in my book!). Let's get current and update your look please, please, please!

For me it's time consuming to get all "dressed" everyday. But for you it's built right into your routine & you always make an impression wherever you go! Even those who look like they didn't do much, I can tell if you did. I know that messy bun you did took you several tries to get just the right messiness. (Keep up the good work!)

On a personal note...

I am definitely a "closet" high maintenencer. If that is such a word. I need my color and glaze done every 4 weeks to make it look like I have natural, no gray, shiny 20-something-year-old hair. I do at home facials in between my regular facial appointments. I wax, lotion, buff, and on my days off wear no makeup. Or do I really wear no makeup?...

So, let's keep those eyebrows "on fleek", nails nice and manicured, and get yourself a new pair of shoes. And please don't walk around with roots, unless it's clearly intended! For all you regular maintainers this is a no brainer and I will see you in 4 weeks.

Everyone has a little high maintenance in them. Some of you just have to let it out and say it's ok. Your secret (or no secret) is safe with me! Can't wait to see you!


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