Olaplex vs Copy Cat Bond Builders

Olaplex. For all you hair color junkies you are probably familiar with it. For all others, you too can benefit from Olaplex or Olaplex copy cats such as Brazilian Bond Builder (B3), & Redken pH-bonder. But what makes them similar? Or not so similar? Heres what I found out.

Olaplex rebuilds the bonds in the hair beneath the cuticle. Unlike other treatments which seal cuticle of hair giving hair a soft feel and shine. So, when Olaplex made it's entrance in the world around 2 years ago, hair colorists were using it on everyone and clients were changing their hair color more often. Especially when it came out that the Kardashians (sorry to use them as an example!!) used it to change their color from dark to light to dark in one day. We were hooked. Still are! Now other brands have made their way into the bond builder world. And of course,I have tested them all out.

Then came the Brazilian Bond Builder, or B3 claiming to improve the hair condition like Olaplex. But guess what? In fact, it does not build bonds. The mixture was thick resulting in mixing a lot of color. (2 thumbs down) . The active ingredient in Olaplex is bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. Those magic ingredients allow Olaplex to both undo and prevent damage. B3 not only lacks this ingredient, but lists mineral oil as one of the main ingredients. Hmmmm...no wonder I didn't like the results. Hair looked and felt great immediately but wore off just after a few shampoos. False advertising is all I have to say!

Finally I have just finished testing out my newest product, Redken pH-bonder. It claims to improve condition, reduce breakage, & add shine and smoothness to hair. All while building the bond! Another plus is I am not required to bump up my developer like Olaplex. The consistency of my hair color does not change which means I use exactly the same amount of color unlike the B3 in which I had to use way more of the product. I especially like the syringe to measure exactly the right dose every time! The results, great! Similar to Olaplex with a more affordable ticket price.

So, does everyone really need a bond builder every time they have color service? Well, ask yourself these questions. Do you change your hair color as often as you change your underwear? Does your hair color fade very quickly? Does your hair feel or look like straw? Yes? Then you need it. Every time. Still unsure? Come in and consult with your colorist!

Happy New Year! Here's to healthy hair!


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