Damaged hair? Read on...

What causes dry, damaged, thinning hair? Abuse, lack of care, & a few other things. If you are like most women out there you may be trying to find a great hair product to "fix" your already damaged tresses. Although many products do help mask the problem, is it really repairing it? Well, no.

Ask yourself how did you get here in the first place? I always say prevention is key! Maybe you have bleached or hilited your hair one or two many times? Maybe you have not had a haircut in 8 months? Maybe your water is to blame? Maybe your diet is missing some nutrients? Maybe you use heat and do not use a HEAT PROTECTOR? Maybe its a combo of some or all of these?

If you detect dry, frizzy, lifeless hair early on, there is hope for you! Use moisturizing shampoos & conditioners, as well as weekly treatments and heat protectors BEFORE applying heat!

Next you need a good, healthy trim! Even my clients with very long hair get teeny trims about every 5 weeks to keep split ends from happening. Once you skip out on the trimming thats where damage can start pretty quickly. If you have waited too long to get a cut, I would suggest getting some layering to get rid of the interior damaged hair.

If your hair is pretty brittle and snapping off I suggest not using any direct heat! (Maybe it's time for that pixie cut you have been thinking about?) If you MUST blow dry your hair add a generous dose of leave in conditioner or repairing treatments with keratin in them. Blow dry on low! I don't recommend any hot tools BUT if you still don't take my advice, be sure hair is dry 100%!! Damp hair and a flat iron will only make matters worse! YIKES!

Another styling option would be to set hair in velcro rollers while damp or make a loose braid. Don't pull hair tight in ponytail or slick back with clips while hair is wet as this could cause more breakage! Hair stretches when wet, shrinks when dry. And don't forget the leave in serum for nice soft hair!

Now, let's take a rest from hair color. If my clients have hair that seems drier than usual, I will put a glaze on their hair to seal cuticle and add shine. It also can refresh color for an "in between" color service. There will be no hiliting during this appointment!

Are you a swimmer? Chlorine is very bad for your hair (skin too!) Before swimming, wet your hair and put on conditioner-DO NOT RINSE. This fills in the hair cuticle temporally while you take a dip, making chlorine harder to penetrate the hair. After swimming be sure to shampoo and condition your hair as soon as possible to get the chemicals out. There are in salon treatments that remove chlorine and minerals that you can do to keep your hair in tip top shape! And make sure to take home a bottle of shampoo & conditioner specially formulated for hair like yours!

Last, but not least, make sure to take care of your health! Did you know your hair shows signs of an health issue? Any kind of deficiency inside your body will usually show up in your hair and nails first! (If you have any serious concerns be sure to speak to your doctor.) So, stay hydrated and take your vitamins. As we get older, hormones, or lack of, can make hair dry and thinner. Vitamin A,B,C,D, & E are all important for healthy hair growth! Iron & Zinc also very important. But did you know protein is extremely important? Hair is made up almost ENTIRELY of PROTEIN! No excuse vegetarians, I have been meat free since 1993 and eat plenty of protein!

Heres to strong healthy hair!

Cheers, J

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