Let’s Talk Color-2                                                    (actual photo a client brought

Number 2. Balayage, it means “to sweep” in French.

If you have heard otherwise, get up and leave your colorists chair immediately.

It does not mean “sweeping” in

Spanish. This is actually what some hairdressers tell their clients as they are working on their hair. Then that same client will come in for me to fix the “sweep” gone wrong. Heres how the story always starts out.

“So, I know I should have waited for you, but I just needed this done before my best friends wedding. Since I live so far away I thought it would just be easier. Oh, and she came highly recommended.” Hmm, Highly recommended? By whom? I wonder, but dont ask.

As I am picking through the hair I hear the question...”Sooo, Can you fix it? I should have just made the

appointment with you, I am so sorry!”

Im my head Im actually thinking, Wow this person made your hair every single color! How did she do this in only 7 hours? I wonder some more...

I finally speak. “Show me the picture you showed her” Aaaand... There.It.Is.

The most popular pin I recognize from Pinterest! I say, “Do you know this is MY pin? I did this color on the girl in this picture!” Confused, she looks at me like I'm the one with the multi-colored up hair color.

Ok, nevermind, lets move on.

Sigh... “Ok tell me the steps. What did she do?" Heres the best part, you ready?

“Well, she said shes gonna do the balayage a little different on me because my hair is so thick. So first she used foils with the board and then blah, blah, blah......”I totally wasnt even listening after hearing the word foils. FOILS? Foils? Foils. Am I hearing this correctly?

Foils and she asked for a balayage. What? Ok..

I proceed, “How long were these foils left on?” Her answer, “about 15 mins. She had to rinse them all out really fast because it was the perfect color, just like the picture that you did!” she said.

Oh my.

Ok, I heard enough. Time to bring Sally back down to earth about the real reason she didn't get the color she asked for. Either the hairstylist had no clue what she was doing or she didnt feel like doing the work. Now thats a pretty lousy haircolorist if you ask me! I'm glad Sally had sense enough to come to me for a correction!

Here's the proper way to go about getting the color you desire. It's quite simple actually!

Always bring a picture. Bottom line is you may or may not be able to acheive the same look by requesting a balayage. So heres what we will talk about 1. what steps are needed to be done to acheive the desired look. 2. How long the entire process will take. 3. Cost. 4. Questions?

Bottom line here, balayage DOES NOT INCLUDE FOILS. Balayage is painted on to specific pieces of the hair with a very specific type of lightener that does not need to be wrapped in a foil. If someone tells you otherwise they really dont know what balayage actually is. Or they actually believe what they are doing is balayage and therefore uneducated. I guess these both have the same meaning.

What the other hairdresser did was foiling the hair and theres nothing wrong with foiling.

What IS wrong is telling a guest, Oh sure, I can do this balayage for you, but Im going to use foils because thats how I do balayage. Then when the hair doesnt look like the picture the colorist/stylist spends about 6-7 hours trying to fix it. Finally, when everyone has had enough, the stylist tried to convince the client it looks amazing, (wrong) client agrees just to get out of there. They proceed to check out and colorist/stylist says it will be $300 because she charges by the hour.

Sound good? Actually, No. No it doesnt. This is wrong in so many ways but it does happen often. I think charging haircolor by the hour is ridiculous and sneaky. A price must be presented up front and agreed upon. This works, trust me.

The great thing about haircolor is it can be changed if an undesirable look happens. But, like I have said in the past, these are chemicals. The hair can only be put through so much before it says, Im overdone. Just leave me on the floor.

So get your hair done right. Make sure you are with someone who is educated and knows hair lingo and their proper definition! Make sure your haircolorist knows the history of your hair before any chemicals touch it! Last but not least, make sure you leave there happy.

I am now crowned the balayage correction specialist! Kidding, but so close!

By Jaime Rappa

Master Hair Colorist

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